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The abundance, vitality and originality of contemporary European-language African literature has not yet been discovered and appreciated as it should be by most Spanish-speaking readers. This unfair neglect can probably be put down to historical and cultural realities, but these only partially explain this long separation between Spain and sub-Saharan Africa. It is also true that there is no need to tolerate it any more. The scarcity of translations and Africa-bound translators and patrons who may support them are usually suggested in order to explain the aforementioned neglect and cultural distance, but there is always an unwritten future ahead. It is not only possible, but also desirable that, in the near future, such translations will flourish and that there will be an abundant supply of such translators.

A clear neglect is not the same as full absence, which constitutes the first aim of the present bibliographical project CELSALTS (Contemporary European-Language Sub-Saharan African Literature Translated into Spanish) started by the AFRIQANA research group (African Culture, Literature, Translation and Linguistics). In other words, to gather together all Spanish bibliography of original African literature written and published in European languages and translated into Spanish and the other languages of Spain, in order to promote the African literature and for consultation purposes. All Spanish research on literary African Studies - writers, works, movements, etc. - will also be the object of thorough compilation. Our motto: The basis for a brighter future.

A specific chapter will be devoted to the African Spanish literature of Equatorial Guinea, and to the literary research related with this country, which does not require translation into Spanish whatsoever, but that could not be absent from this global bibliographical project's efforts and interests.